Integration Solutions

Most of the businesses have adopted the software solutions in their early-days for competitive advantages. These legacy software solutions, either the packaged product or specifically developed to meet specific organization needs in past, works well even today individually, but they create information islands.

In most cases, each system produces redundant information, which successively creates inconsistent data across enterprise. This results in multiple data entry points, data duplication, and data isolation problems. Such organizations are in need of the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services to integrate these systems.

We in some cases, use point to point or middleware based integration for providing EAI services to our clients. Point to point integration is used when number of system to be integrated are two to three. For integrating more systems using point to point integration becomes cumbersome and nonviable. Middleware based integration is better choice for large number of systems. Middleware provides generic interfaces with which all integrated applications pass messages to each other. Each interface defines a business process provided by an application.

Step Systems offering The following major integration services:

  •  - Data Integration

  • ·      - Component Integration

  • ·      - Application Integration

  • ·      - Process Integration


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