CUBE ERP Applications

Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that integrates all data and processes of an organization into one system and creates a unified database that serves the functions of all different departments such as finance, human resource and warehouses.

Now, an ERP system combines all the separate systems of all departments into one integrated software which runs off a unified database thus enabling the different departments to share information, communicate and standardize work processes. 

In a company that doesn’t implement an ERP, a customer places an order which is usually done manually and then the data is entered by an employee in one department. The order travels as a hard document from one department to the other, and the data are re-entered manually in every step of the way.

On the other hand, an ERP system includes all different applications needed for each department in a given company which integrate and share one database. There is only one record for each particular order including all the relevant information and its status, thus avoiding the hassle of tracing the order, re-entering the data and preventing human error.

That Was The Reason to Work Our Own ERP (CUBE ERP), Which Built on Oracle Technologies and To Cover The Following Business Areas

·          CUBE Finance

o    General Ledger

o    Account Payables

o    Account Receivables

o    Cash Management

o    Fixed Assets

·          CUBE Supply Chain

o    Inventory

o    Purchasing

o    Order Management

·          CUBE Manufacturing

o    Process Manufacturing

o    Discrete Manufacturing

·          CUBE Human Resources

o    Core Personnel and People Management

o    Payroll and Compensation

o    Time & Attendance

o    Training Administration

·          CUBE Retailer

·          CUBE Business Analyst

·          System Administration


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